Church History

The first growth-inspired location change for Jireh

The first growth-inspired location change for Jireh

Jireh Independent Baptist Church was started in November of 1994.

The first church service was held at the home of Pastor Gregg Keckler and there were approximately 20 folks in attendance that first Sunday.

Over the next few months, the small church congregation grew steadily until it was nearly impossibly to continue to meet in the living room of the Kecklers’ home.

Inside of a year from the church’s  October 1995 start, the church members decided it would be wise to begin renting several rooms at the Arendtsville Community Center to hold church services, special events, and Sunday school classes for children.

The people of Jireh's daunting project!

The people of Jireh’s daunting project!

The church continued to grow and by 1999 Jireh was ready for a new place to meet and a building that we could call its own.

After seeking God’s direction  some property options were considered and one location seemed suitable: a plot of land with a well-used welding shop/garage on it, located on the Biglerville Road (Route 34).

Choosing to remodel and build-on to this weld shop and turn it into our new church building was an extensive project. Work began in 1999.  Every Saturday and many times through the week as well, the men and women of the nascent congregation met to do the work.

Back of building - Before

Back of building – Before

Back of building - After

Back of building – After

Fellowship Hall - Before

Fellowship Hall – building new walls

Addition for classrooms

Addition for classrooms

Dedication service on November 4th, 2001.

Over the years, many people have asked about the meaning of the church name, Jireh Independent Baptist Church.

The name “Jireh” can be found in the Bible in Genesis 22:14 the passage where God provides a lamb for Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son, Isaac.

The meaning can be understood in the phrase “God will provide”.  Over the life of this church, it has been evidenced that God truly does care and provide for all of our needs.

Completed Sanctuary

Completed Sanctuary