Anchor of the Soul

Anchor of the Soul

A Holy Bible study and Devotional

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Anchor of the Soul began in 2005 by a missionary we were acquainted with who had developed a devotional/discipleship series of files to be used for his ministry in Mexico and on the border of Texas.

We worked with him to reformat the files into a booklet-style print-out and created mock-ups for the 4 booklets that we would produce- 2 in each series:

English 1
English 2
Spanish 1
Spanish 2

JIBC organizes, collates, and sends out the devotionals. Many of the printed devotionals are shipped to the missionaries we support in Mexico and Chile, they find the booklets very helpful for discipleship of new Christians and other Bible preaching churches on the border of Mexico are sent samples of booklets.

An advertisement is regularly published in the Sword of the Lord classified section proclaiming that the booklets will be sent to anyone who requesting them.

JIBC regularly receives requests for the booklets from inmates all across the United States.  Letters of gratitude from those inmates are regularly received thanking us for providing the booklets and to share their stories of conversion or spiritual renewal.


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