Jireh Christian Day School

Jireh Christian Day School provides an atmosphere of education that is Christ-centered and life-giving.  The academic program at Jireh Christian Day School is rich and rigorous.  Students are engaged every day in a broad number of subject areas.  They interact with living books and materials.  They are encouraged to love their studies and to find delight in God’s creation.  Through training in habits of mind and attention, Jireh Christian Day School students are equipped with the tools they need for a lifetime of learning and service.

Below is a tuition table based on grade.  Discounts are available for enrolling multiple children from the same family.

Tuition Cost (Yearly) Materials Cost (Yearly)
Kindergarten – MWF $2,000 $200
Grades 1 – 3 $2,300 $200
Grades 4 – 6 $2,500 $200
Grades 7 – 12 $2,800 $200

We hope you will choose Jireh Christian Day School for your child’s education, you are welcome to call us at 717-677-8180 or e-mail us to request an application for admission and further information or to discuss any questions.