Sunday School and Bus Ministry

Boys and Girls are invited to participate in age-specific sessions on Sundays 10 A.M.

Transportation on a Jireh Independent Baptist Church Bus is available.

Our mission is to instruct children in a safe, healthy environment that focuses on life lesson from the Holy Bible. Through Christ-centered curriculum and activities, we strive to help children reach their fullest potential so that they may lead productive, meaningful lives.

Our Core Values:

  • EXCELLENCE: Pursue academic, spiritual and leadership excellence
  • RESPECT: Foster a safe and caring Christian environment that respects each individual
  • PRAYER: Prayerfully seek God’s will regarding the resources he has given us
  • COMMUNICATION: Resolve conflict promptly and directly
  • FAITH: Refer to JIBC’s Church Constitution with regard to statement of faith

For more information, send an e-mail  with your questions or concerns or to request transportation (free of charge) or visit any Sunday morning during the service hour.

Children must be willing to follow acceptable guidelines.

For more information please e-mail: